The Hill-side Animated GIF Lookbook:

Brooklyn-based brothers Emil and Sandy Corsillo have seen their unique chambray neckwear burgeon from their shop, Hickoree’s, to the shelves of the most discerning haberdasheries around the globe. Check out their work for yourself in the best (and only) GIF-based lookbook we’ve ever seen.

Temporary NPR Tattoos:

Nothing says “never misses an episode of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” like a skull tattoo on your neck. Move over tote bags, these bad boys are the newest way to display your love for public radio (at least for the next 10-14 days).

Behind the Brand: Levi’s Vintage Clothing:

Whether you’re the 501, 505 or 511 type, there’s one thing that we can all agree on: Levi’s are an American clothing staple. Watch the video below by Mr Porter for a behind-the-scenes look into the painstaking lengths Levi’s Vintage Clothing goes to replicate the original versions of the brand’s iconic denim clothing. It’s inspirational.