Two weeks in, Johanna Rodriguez’s beach yoga class has already had a calming influence on Freehand life. Our guests come back relaxed, grounded, and ready to dig into our delicious Backyard BBQ.

The sight of the ocean alone is enough to mellow us out, but this hour-long body-and-soul communion takes it to the next level. Johanna’s teaching centers on finding the power of your breath, staying in the moment, trusting your strength, and opening your heart. If this is all Greek to you, don’t worry—she works with people of all skill levels and body types. She invites all comers to connect more deeply with their bodies and minds through her creative movement sequences, personal adjustments, and life-affirming themes. (Check out Joasana Yoga on Facebook.)

To join the next session:

1. Sign up at the front desk by Friday night.

2. Saturday, slap on some sunscreen and meet Johanna and the others in the lobby at 1:15pm with a towel, some water, and an intention for your practice.

3. Afterwards, come see us at the BBQ and let us know how it went.

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