Casey Rogers

Get to know our whip-smart and eco-conscious Assistant Manager, Casey Rogers! The self-proclaimed urban planning nerd digs public transportation, bike lanes and sidewalks and could do without cars. As a Peace Corps volunteer, he lived in a small village in Ghana with only intermittent electricity and no running water—and loved it. After that, he spent six months backpacking around South America. In addition to walking, biking and globe-trotting, he also enjoys gardening and, probably because of his Seattle roots, cloudy and rainy weather. We pulled him aside for this quick Q+A.

Freehand Miami: After all of your travels, what brought you to Miami Beach?

Casey Rogers: Despite my affinity for cold and dreary weather, who can complain about being able to go to the beach on Christmas day?

FH: What do you like most about Freehand Miami?

CR: My coworkers.

FH: What have you been up to at Freehand Miami so far?

CR: What haven’t I’ve been up to? Work, work, and more work. Everything from coordinating travel for VIP guests, practicing my Spanish with our Housekeeping Manager, Yelsi, and laughing through all the good and tough times. It’s also always nice to get out around property and interact with our guests too…that’s why we’re really here, right?

FH: Is it possible live in Miami Beach comfortably without a car? Do you?

CR: Absolutely! Coming from a city like San Francisco I have gotten a lot of strange reactions when people learn that I don’t have a car… but no gas, maintenance, and parking tickets makes it worth it. Plus, have you seen the traffic around here? I’d much rather heel-toe express it or cruise around on my road bike…trying to keep the San Francisco vibe.

FH: Do you help Elad and Gabe tend The Broker Shaker’s herb garden? What’s your favorite native plant or flower?

CR: No, they won’t let me. Favorite flower is the Rhododendron, hands-down. It’s Washington State’s flower.

FH: If you could hang out at The Broken Shaker with anyone, living or dead, real or imaginary, who would it be?

CR: Amy Poehler and Amy Sedaris. I wouldn’t stop laughing.