We’ve been busy, here at the Freehand Miami, getting ready for our opening week! In order for everyone to enjoy their stay, we just have to actually finish building the place…

Luckily, we have a great team dedicated to getting us up and running:

This is Seth, he’s responsible for development, which means rounding up everything we need to open on time. He’s usually walking around and yelling in his phone, but he doesn’t really scare anybody.

This is Richard Shank, but he specifically requests to be called Dick. He’s our contractor: the guy who puts a functioning roof over our heads, that kind of thing. He’s really into lobster fishing.

Here are Leo & Evald our beloved maintenance guys. They were an added bonus that came with the property and they’ve been busy drilling and fixing everything in sight.

Let’s hope these guys can get it together in time…as we are sold out for Art Basel (no pressure).